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Switch & Save On Your Mortgage

Switching your mortgage to another provider can lower your monthly repayments and save you thousands over the life of your mortgage.

Switching Your Mortgage - EDUC Mortgages-min

We Make It Easy

Switching Your Mortgage Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Switching your mortgage may sound complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Our experienced mortgage brokers are here to explain the process to you and show you just how much you can save. For most customers, the lower monthly repayments resulting from switching can add up to considerable savings, frequently tens of thousands, over the term of the mortgage. It’s one of the easiest ways to save, so don’t put it off, get in touch today!

Rules For Borrowing

Can I switch my mortgage?

The amount you can borrow is based on a number of criteria as follows:

  • Employment
  • Salary
  • Children
  • Other loans you may have
  • Repayment capacity

You should be in a permanent employment and not be on probation, exceptions can be made e.g. for doctors who would be on contracts in different hospitals.

The amount you can borrow is 3.5 times your salary, with deductions taken if you have other financial obligations like child support, dependant children, loans, credit card or if you have a partner who is not working.

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Here to Help

With EDUC Mortgages, switching is easy.

The only information we need to review your options is as follows:


Your current mortgage provider.


Your approximate outstanding mortgage.


The approximate value of your property.


Your current interest rate.

Switching Made Easy - EDUC Mortgages-min

Who We Work With

At EDUC Mortgages, we have access to all of the major lenders in Ireland so we can get you the best rate available on the market.

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Start The Switch & Save Process Today

Our mission is to get you the best rate on the market for your mortgage so you can minimise your monthly repayments and protect yourself against rising interest rates. We understand the unique challenges our customers face, and we are here to be your trusted partner every step of the way.

So let’s get started!